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  "MY BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ON THE INTERNET. ListNanny did not support our mailing program, but dave suggested we send him some file samples and three days later we got a new version supporting our mailing program. Dave let us use the program, and only after he was satisfied that we have a working solution we paid for the standard product $129 - nothing for the special development. I wish all software vendors were so supporting of their customers."
D. Geisler
Broadway Box

Saving Attachments

The following example demonstrates saving all of the attachments of an email to a directory.


using System;
using aspNetPOP3;
using aspNetMime;
namespace cstest
	class Class1
		static void Main(string[] args)
			//create a new pop3 object
			POP3 pop = new POP3("","dave@blah.com", "mypassword" );
			//connect to the POP3 server
			MimeMessage msg = pop.GetMessage(1 );
			//save attachments to a directory
			msg.SaveAttachments( "c:\\temp\\mydirectory\\", true );

			Console.WriteLine( "done.");
			Console.ReadLine( );



Imports aspNetPOP3
Imports aspNetMime

Module Module1

    Sub Main()

        'create a new pop3 object
        Dim pop As New POP3("", "dave@blah.com", "mypassword")

        'connect to the POP3 server

        Dim msg As MimeMessage = pop.GetMessage(1)

        'save attachments to a directory
        msg.SaveAttachments("c:\temp\mydirectory\", True)



    End Sub

End Module




The box is not shipped. aspNetPOP3 is a downloadable product.