Welcome to aspNetPOP3, the most powerful, robust POP3 component available on the market today for .NET.

Written in 100% Managed C# code, aspNetPOP3 does not depend upon any external COM dependences, and only requires the .NET framework be installed on the computer.

aspNetPOP3 is highly scalable email component. From reading 1 email to reading millions of emails, aspNetPOP3 will process your messages effortlessly.

If you ever have any questions regarding aspNetPOP3, feel free to write us at support@advancedIntellect.com

About aspNetPOP3
aspNetPOP3 allows a developer to easily connect to a POP3 compliant server. aspNetPOP3 is only used for communication, and POP3 command execution. To parse an email, and to programmatically access different parts of the email body, aspNetMime is required. Fortunately aspNetMime is included with aspNetPOP3. For specific examples relating to parsing email messages, refer to the section for Programming with aspNetMime, or, for more complete documentation view the aspNetMime.chm help file. This help file can be downloaded at www.aspNetMime.com .