Here are a few items to note about aspNetPOP3 to help you get more familiar with its functionality.

What is aspNetPOP3?
aspNetPOP3 is a .NET POP3 component, also known as an assembly. It is written in 100% C# for speed and efficiency. It does not have any dependencies on any unmanaged code. aspNetPOP3 only requires the .NET framework to be installed on the computer.

Can I use aspNetPOP3 in windows applications?
Absolutely! The name aspNetPOP3 was chosen by the marketing division, but from a programmerís perspective, you can use aspNetPOP3 from a Windows Form application, web services, ASP.NET web pages, and any other .NET supported application.

What can aspNetPOP3 do for me?
aspNetPOP3 allows you to read email from any POP3 compliant server. aspNetPOP3 can be used from ASP.NET web pages, to windows forms, to web services. The only limitation to using aspNetPOP3 is your programming imagination.

Parsing Email Messages
aspNetPOP3 is only used for download messages and communicating with a POP3 compliant mail server. To actually parse and access different parts of the email message, aspNetMime is needed. Fortunately, aspNetPOP3 comes bundled with aspNetMime. Although most of this help document will focus on aspNetPOP3, there will be some programming examples demonstrating the power and flexibility of aspNetMime.

Some of the Features of aspNetPOP3

Basic Features

  • Connect to POP3 Server

  • Delete Messages

  • Download a Message as Text

  • Download a Message as a Mime Message

  • Cancel Pending Deletes

  • Only Download Message Headers

  • Log POP3 Session

Advanced Features

  • Download Message Headers as a DataTable

  • Download a Range of Messages' Headers as a DataTable

  • Download a Message as DataTable

  • Download Message Headers as an ArrayList

  • Bind Emails to a Web Page

  • Get the Number of Messages on the Server

  • Get to total Size of Messages on the Server

  • Download n Lines of a Message

  • Reconnect a dropped connection