To use aspNetPOP3, you will need to download the aspNetPOP3.dll available from

Extracting the Zipped Archive

aspNetPOP3 is packaged as a compressed (zipped) archive. Once you unpack the archive, you will have access to the aspNetPOP3.dll library. Along with aspNetPOP3 is the aspNetMime.dll. This dll is used by aspNetPOP3 to parse email and Mime messages. Both of these dlls will need to be included in your project to start using aspNetPOP3. Also included in the archive are various other support files that you may optionally use.

Using in VS.NET
Once you have unpacked the aspNetPOP3 archive, you simply need to import aspNetPOP3 and aspNetMime into your VS.NET project, and set a references to your imported dlls. You can do this by:

a)Either dragging the dlls from windows explorer to your VS.NET project or else by selecting the File | Add Existing Item menu command.

b)Once you have the dlls added to your project, simply set a reference to the imported copies.

c)That's it! You successfully added aspNetPOP3 to your project. You are now able to start using it.