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Ian Blackburn
[ Tutorials ]
   Using aspNetPOP3 in VS.NET [C#]
   Using aspNetPOP3 in VS.NET [Visual Basic]
   Using aspNetPOP3 WITHOUT VS.NET
[ Code Samples ]
   Connecting to a POP3 Server
A simple example that connects to a POP3 server and retrieves the number of messages available, and the size of the Inbox.
   Downloading a Message
A simple example that downloads the first message of a POP3 server as text.
   Deleting a Message
This example demonstrates how to delete a message and cancel any pending deletes.
   Download Headers as an ArrayList
An example that downloads message headers as an ArrayList
   Download Headers as a DataTable
This example downloads message headers as a DataTable.
   Saving Email To Sql Server
This project demonstrates how to download email messages from a POP3 server and insert them into a Sql Server database. Note: You will need to download aspNetPOP3/aspNetMime and set the appropriate references to get this project to compile.
Advanced Samples Demonstrating aspNetPOP3 and aspNetMime
   Referencing Headers Part I
A brief example of referencing different headers in a Mime Message (and checking for null).
   Referencing Headers Part II
A brief example of referencing different headers in a Mime Message (and returning empty strings, instead of nulls).
   Saving Attachments
An example of saving the attachments of an email to a directory.
   Sending Images to an ASP.NET Response Stream
This example writes embedded images to the response stream of an ASP.NET web page.
Be sure to check out more examples relating specifically to aspNetMime at www.aspNetMime.com/examples.aspx





The box is not shipped. aspNetPOP3 is a downloadable product.